Spider Web Magnetic Insect Screen  

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About Spider Web Magnetic Insect Screen

Spider Web Magnetic Insect Screen is environmental friendly startup committed to bringing the most cost effective and energy saving products to protect your home or business from insects.

We can customize the screen pieces in different size and color as per requirement of our customers, and also offer them in pre-cut 100 x 150 cm DIY Kits.

Our screen mesh is made of flexible fiberglass, which is designed to keep out insects while also providing fresh air ventilation. Our high quality PVC strip is highly durable and is available in various colors (Charcoal, White, Green and Grey) to match with the frame color of your window.

Spider Web Magnetic Insect Screens are commonly appreciated for their easy installation and low maintenance through our customers. By install the insect screen, they can help in controlling the spread of germs by houseflies on your food, also eliminating the chance of being bitten by mosquitoes, which can carry diseases to your family, thus leading to a healthy living environment.